Our Philosophy

The food we eat is part of a special relationship with the earth. Food can bring people together, not only at the table, but on the farm, at local stores and farmers markets. Buying locally raised food helps build community relationships. Knowing your farmer and knowing where your food comes from makes good sense.

We can’t help but feel good about the extra effort that allows our food-producing animals to live naturally and forage on fresh grass. Our pastured animals produce better tasting, better-for-you food. Their forage-based diet yields meat with increased omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), but less saturated fat than is typical of industrially produced meats.

All our animals are raised to approximate the way an herbivore would choose to live in nature. Our livestock are:

  • Moved frequently to fresh pasture.
  • Raised on pastures free of chemical fertilizers and herbicides.
  • Never given antibiotics or hormones, ever during their lifespan.
  • Given a vegetarian-based diet.

We take great care in raising your food, doing more than is required to ensure that our animals experience living as they would in nature. They have companionship with the other animals and greet us when we come to the fields. They are treated humanely throughout their life span.

It’s a lot more work to raise livestock on open pastures, but we wouldn’t do it any other way. We’re honored to be caretakers for God’s creatures and stewards of the natural environment.