Rich flavor that doesn’t depend on high levels of saturated fat is a primary benefit of beef products from Pike Valley Farm Foods. Our cattle are 100% grass fed. Throughout their life cycle, they receive no grain, but thrive on what they would choose to eat naturally. They enjoy the same high-nutrient forage that is known as a key benefit to the development of champion thoroughbred horses in our region of Kentucky.

You can see the difference between our pastures and neighboring ones. Our grass is greener because it’s never over-grazed. Cattle are kept in herds with portable electric fencing and moved daily to a fresh pasture paddock with new nutrient-rich shoots of grass. This natural model heals the land, thickens the forage, reduces weeds, stimulates earthworms, reduces pathogens, and increases nutritional qualities in the meat. And it yields tender, juicy beef with a higher ratio of Omega 3 fatty acids than is found in industrially produced meat.