Pastured Chicken

Pastured Chicken

We believe that health is the natural state of things.

We believe how we treat animals and the environment reflects who we are as people.

We believe everyone has the right to opt out of a bad system and into a good one.

Our chickens are moved to fresh Certified Organic pasture daily. Floorless field shelters allow unlimited access to grass, but great protection for the birds. Because they are just as tasty to a hawk as to you and me.

Our chickens live their lives in fresh air and sunshine. Eating bugs and grass and a GMO-FREE ration raised by local farmers. No antibiotics or chemicals or junk, ever. Just a high health, low stress environment.

Grass is the key! It provides the birds with robust nutrition that comes through in the taste and health benefits to you. Because you are what you eat, eats. So if the chicken your family eats in sick with heart disease and living on pharmaceuticals, then odds are your family will be too.

But, if your chickens enjoy a stress free, chemical free life, then so can you. Plus, giving animals this kind of life is just the right thing to do. (That’s what we think anyway. Do you agree?)