Savannah Pork

Savannah Pork

Raised on Organic Pasture

Pigs are abused! Even organic pigs are abused every day in our society. But, we believe in the pigness of the pig. We believe in the right of good people to opt into a good system.

So let’s go back to common sense. You now have a better option. A pasture based, pigness based option.

Our pigs move from fresh meadow paddock to fresh meadow paddock. No metal confinement barns and no mud lots. When I take hundreds of people out to see the pigs on our farm tours, they are shocked to stand in front of a pig paddock and smell nothing but a Spring breeze. Because we believe in farming systems being aesthetically and aromatically pleasing. 

Certified Organic Pasture, and Rotation

GMO Free, Local Feed Supplement

Happy Pigs

Fresh Air, Sunshine, a Real Life, HEALTH!

Any questions, just ask. We love to discuss in detail how we do things. Better yet, come out to the farm and see for yourself! (Sign up for the next tour HERE)